my wishes - a repository of personal wishes for my funeral

my friends to be told - a database of friends and relatives to be informed upon my demise

my executors help - information for my executor to enable easy transaction

information centre - a comprehensive resource providing information on the subject of death

Peace of Mind is a unique pro-active obituary service, which allows an individual to build and update a list of those that they would want to know of their demise in a confidential, secure and trustworthy environment.

Upon the death of the individual, and subject to verifiable notification of that death, Peace of Mind will contact and notify the people or organisations on the list in a sympathetic way.

Peace of Mind also offers individuals further services to define the desired nature of the funeral, help for executors and a variety of information to help people plan an event which is usually organised after death - all too frequently little is known of what an individual would choose for themselves.

We aim to keep enhancing our service to really bring Peace of Mind to our subscribers and their friends and family knowing that ones wishes are defined and that everyone that you would want know about your unfortunate demise will be carefully informed.



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Security of data. No specific customer details are held by POM and we pracctice a strict adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Integrity of Service. Notification of death comes only from an accepted credible source [eg. Doctor]. We guarantee to carry out you requests.

Personal Service. No information is passedc to third parties, you deal with real people not call centres.

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